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On the Road to Everywhere

In February my wife Kathryn and I went to Maui for her birthday. Covid had cheated her out of her last couple of birthdays and she deserves to be celebrated on her birthday (and every day for that matter). If you haven’t been to Maui, it’s stunning. The word “perfect” doesn’t even do it justice. Even as we drove from the airport to our hotel, the only word we could muster was “Wow.”

Nothing was more breathtaking than the Road to Hana. A 64-mile trek along the island’s North and West curve, the road is riddled with sharp turns, waterfalls, bumpy roads, rainbow trees, caves to explore on the side of the road, swells that cause a little bit of rain nearly every day, waves crashing against lava rocks, and some long drives with nothing ahead of you but sweeping grass and views of the ocean as far as you can see … with an occasional cow walking across the road.

The Road to Hana reminded me to cherish the beauty in the journey instead of rushing to some end point. The destination worth seeking is the sound of every waterfall you pass, just as much as it is a spat of rain that is inevitably just around the corner. We’re all wired to mindlessly move our steering wheel in the direction Waze tells us where to go. We know where we’re going and how long it will take us to get there, without always experiencing the drive.

I have always been a “what’s next” person, looking slightly past the thing in front me toward what lies ahead. I am driven by a motivation toward the future, and by nature moving on toward betterment. Most people come away from a vacation affected in some way — whether that’s relaxed and rejuvenated or inspired and reinvigorated to get back into it with a renewed sense of purpose. On this Road to Hana, I was reminded that the work itself is the journey every day…

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