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Skies Above Partners With Swiftmile


Swiftmile’s unique approach to advertising combines light electric vehicle charging stations and a digital ad screen to create a network for micromobility and digital-out-of-home. This is where Skies Above Media brings their assets to bolster the advertising component.

Profile photo of Joel Martin
Joel Martin

Joel Martin, VP of DOOH at Swiftmile, is confident this collaboration will prove to accelerate impressions on the streets. “We are excited to include Skies Above as one of our industry partners,” says Martin. “We expect brand managers and media buyers to embrace our stations. We are the amenity for the city of the future and for brands that are looking at a green solution that promotes alternative transportation.”

This partnership aims to reach new heights by combining Swiftmile’s innovative digital-out-of-home advertising screens with Skies Above Media’s innate ability to cover a wide-range of advertising markets. With Swiftmile’s advertising screens already established throughout South Florida, Skies Above Media is going to be a key component in propelling digital-out-of-home much further in the sunny state.

Profile photo of Glyn S. Williams
Glyn S. Williams

“We’re thrilled to partner with Swiftmile to expand our markets to Miami, West Palm Beach, and Orlando with the micromobility stations.” says Glyn Williams, CEO of Skies Above Media. “This only continues our path as one of the fastest growing OOH operators in the country and continues to fulfill our mission statement to get people to look up and expect better. From the moment we started talking to the team at Swiftmile I knew we had a similar outlook on what lies ahead, not just for the OOH and DOOH industry, but consumer behavior and the evolving opportunities to connect with them in real-time moments.”

In the future, Swiftmile and Skies Above Media plan to take their partnership to the west coast and expand digital-out-of-home advertising in Los Angeles, CA. Stay tuned for those updates.


About Skies Above Media
Skies Above Media is a privately owned independent outdoor advertising (OOH) media owner, operator, and representative based in Los Angeles. Previously named Mahlmann Media, it was established in 1989 by Richard and Susan Mahlmann with just one billboard in Fresno, CA. Since its inception, the company has scaled up in breadth and depth of media formats and coverage markets and now sells over 200 OOH assets across Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Atlanta, Chicago, Boston, Detroit, and Phoenix. OOH industry veteran Glyn Williams acquired Mahlmann Media in April 2021 and launched the rebrand in October 2021.

About Swiftmile
Swiftmile is the pioneer and market leader in LEV charging, offering a new class of green infrastructure that will set the foundation for “gas stations of the future.” We build and operate Mobility Hubs to charge and organize e-scooters, e-bikes and e-mopeds, at little or no cost to cities thanks to an on-Hub advertising screen. Swiftmile’s infrastructure is driving battery and charging standardization for the global micromobility sector, with Hubs across North America and Europe.


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