Many companies are striving to go environmentally-friendly with their products, services, and operations. Liquid I.V., as well as many other organizations, are taking it step further by advertising on eco-friendly channels.

Liquid I.V. recently promoted their premium hydration products through their advertising partners, and Skies Above Media. They chose Swiftmile, the first green advertising network that couples micromobility with digital advertising. Swiftmile not only encourages commuters to take modes of transportation like e-scooters and e-bikes with their charging stations but provides dynamic content for companies on their integrated digital screens.

“We’ve been believers in the Swiftmile Digital OOH Ad Network from day one,” said Glyn Williams, CEO of Skies Above Media. “It’s a great platform to bring together social consciousness of the environment through the advancement of micromobility, while also connecting with a really hard to reach consumer audience in a moment of dwell time. When we began working with on this campaign for Liquid I.V., we knew the Swiftmile network in Miami would be exactly what the client needed to get in front of their exercise enthusiast audience with the right message at the right moment.

By replacing automobile trips, shared micromobility saved about 54 million pounds of CO2 in 2021. Swiftmile’s stations further supplement electric ride share programs by eliminating the need for operators to use trucks when picking up e-scooters to be recharged.

“Sustainability has always been a large focus for Liquid I.V., we strive to make the best products, help those in need and embrace our active role in protecting our planet. We chose Swiftmile as an advertising platform for our #FuelYourPlay campaign because of their aligned goal to combat the current climate crisis. The charging hubs help minimize the population’s carbon footprint while offering an alternate, playful form of transportation. This partnership aligned with our brand mission and sustainability goals, and also brought to life our first national campaign messaging around high-spirited ways to get outside and play.” Explains Stacey Andrade, Vice President of Marketing at Liquid I.V..

Liquid I.V. and Swiftmile’s partnership hopes to set the tone for more future green partnerships ahead. The future is electric, not just with cars, but with all modes of transport. With electric bikes and scooters on the rise, advertisers can expect to see more reach on micromobility networks.

“As a Liquid I.V. customer already, I was thrilled to collaborate on this campaign with them,” said Jillian Blanco, Swiftmile’s Marketing Manager. “With the increasing popularity of shared and owned micromobility, our street-level advertising network is a great way for brands to reach their target audience in a fun and interactive way.”

Last year, the United States saw 107.6 million light electric vehicle trips which was a 53% increase from 2020. Companies like Liquid I.V. and Skies Above Media see this as an opportunity to capture more impressions with everyday commuters who utilize micromobility or are just passing by on car or on foot.

See article on Billboard Insider.